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Cybele H2020 survey

ILVO is partner of the CYBELE H2020 project.


Less peat in substrates for strawberry and tomato thanks to compost, wood fiber, biochar and chitin

ILVO and the partners of the European Horti-BlueC project are starting a series of ongoing practice tests for sustainable cultivation substrates. They developed mixtures with biochar and/or chitin and will investigate the effects on growth and health of strawberry and tomato as well as the interacti...

ILVO Press Release

Launch of 'DjustConnect': turntable for sharing data in the agri-food chain has remarkable characteristics

After more than a year of intensive preparation, ILVO, together with AVEVE, Boerenbond, CRV, DGZ and Milcobel, launches a unique platform to share data in an advanced way within the Flemish agro food chain. The platform is called DjustConnect, a name that alludes to performance and efficiency. Ingen...

KVLV-ILVO Press Release

Mental stress in farmers is serious. (Seeking) help could be better

On the Global Day for Mental Health (10 October 2019), ILVO draws attention to the first interim results from its research into the well-being of the Flemish farmer (male and female). Most striking is that farmers of both genders don't usually seek help when they develop deep long-term stress sympto...

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Joris Relaes is new president of the agricultural platform Agrolink Vlaanderen. "An even tighter focus on working together."

Joris Relaes, Administrator-General of ILVO, has been appointed chairman of Agrolink Flanders. He succeeds Nadine Buys, former dean of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at KU Leuven. Anne-Rose Gustin becomes the new coordinator and is responsible for the daily operations. Agrolink Flanders is a ...

ILVO Press Release

Fourteen doctorates around stress in laying hens: Europe is aiming for an ambitious combination of better productivity and animal welfare.

16 European research centers, including ILVO, are launching a large-scale investigation over the next 4 years to map out the fundamental and more practical causes and consequences of stress in laying hens throughout their lives. The starting point is the EU ban on laying batteries in 2012, which has...

ILVO Press Release

Persistent soil compaction under arable fields and grasslands: a quest for viable and effective solutions

Problem plots sought for multi-year field trials Compaction of agricultural soils is not only increasing but is also a complex problem. ILVO, Inagro, the Soil Service of Belgium (BDB) and Ghent University are going to investigate in the next 4 years how soil compaction can be remedied sustainably ...

ILVO Press Release

ILVO expands compost site and points to potential of compost: "15% more yield compared to other soil improvers."

ILVO has completed a new construction: Part Two of the compost site. It is a covered storage area with compartments for starting material and for finished compost. "This second and last construction phase of the compost site which represented an investment of more than €500,000", says Evy De Vl...

ILVO - UGent press release

Making F1 hybrids more efficient in chicory: a stepping stone to higher inulin production

An improved technique for the production of parent lines for so-called F1 hybrids of industrial chicory can contribute to chicory roots with an estimated 20% more inulin. This is the most striking result of the ILVO-UGent doctoral research conducted by Jeroen Van der Veken. The greatest success was ...

ILVO press release

ILVO strengthens contacts with PERU: Memorandum of Understanding with INIA - Peru signed

ILVO and its Peruvian counterpart INIA – Peru have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that enables scientific cooperation and exchange, effective immediately. The ambassador for Peru in our country, and also the permanent representative to the EU Gonzalo Gutierres, attended the officia...

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