Entries for December 2013


Invitation public defense of the doctoral dissertation of Prabhu Shankar LAKSHMANAN

Title of the doctoral dissertation: "Molecular cytogenetic studies and technology development for creating aroid (Araceae) asymmetric somatic hybrids"
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ELN-FAB Seminar: "Functional agrobiodiversity in North-West Europe: What does the future hold?"

In the framework of the ELN-FAB initiative, annual seminars are organized in order to bring together representatives of various stakeholder groups, policymakers, scientists and practitioners from throughout Europe to collect and exchange experience about functional agrobiodiversity (FAB).

Many years have passed since the first FAB projects started in North-West Europe. They have gone on to deliver promising results. Where do we stand now? What are the latest developments in the field of policy and research? How is FAB perceived by farmers? What kind of future does FAB have in the region? Do you have a story to share with us?

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