The Government of Flanders wishes to be a trustworthy partner for citizens as well as companies. The Government of Flanders therefore continuously strives for impeccable integrity as an organisation.

Animal trials consistent with ethics code

Code of Ethics for the Government of Flanders up

Since July 6th, 2011, the Government of Flanders has a new Code of Ethics. This code stipulates the ethical norms and values of the Government of Flanders and how government employees must bring these values and ethical norms into practice in order to also work in an ethical fashion. To provide efficient and transparent service to citizens as well as in our work with suppliers, the code contains the following agreements that may be useful to you as partner or supplier for the Government of Flanders:

  1. The principle of equality
    Clients and suppliers in similar situations have the right to be treated equally. This is only possible if the employees of the Government of Flanders maintain their objectivity at all times.

    To perform their function in an unpredjudiced and neutral way, employees must ensure that no personal preferences play a role in their dealings with internal and external clients and strive to prevent any hint of bias.

  2. Gifts and favours
    To prevent every hint of bias, the code of ethics contains agreements related to receipt of gifts and favours.

    Personnel of the Government of Flanders may not accept any gifts or invitations that are paid for by others. Some exceptions are possible but an employee wishing to accept a gift must always notify his/her supervisor of the receipt of the gift. Gifts or invitations that were accepted under unethical circumstances are returned.

  3. Avoiding the “Revolving Door” between government and private industry 
    To prevent every hint of bias, the code of ethics contains agreements related to the so-called Revolving Door between government and private industry. In cases of assigning a government contract with a unpublished negotiation process, the government issuing the contract will not invite any companies who are known to employ (either as employees or members of the Board of Directors) ex-employees of the government agency in question until two years after the end of the employee’s contract with the government.

  4. Careful use of government resources
    The resources that the Government of Flanders uses are public resources, many of which are paid for by tax revenues. It is thus logical that employees of the Government of Flanders will treat these resources with care and will be required to justify how those resources are being used. For example, when choosing a supplier, the Government must follow the legal procedures in relation to government contracts.

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Transparency and equal competition are also important values for government contracts. Candidate-suppliers can look at the current contract assignments at >> ondernemingen (in Dutch).

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More information about the code of ethics and the integrity policy of the Government of Flanders can be found at (in Dutch)

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Gerard Meganck: or 09/272.25.06
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Integrity Coordinator for the Government of Flanders