ILVO as a Service Provider

Agriculture and horticulture are evolving in a variety of directions, such as specialization, scaling up, internationalization, broadening of functions, and especially sustainability. Primary producers and processors are experiencing increasingly high demands in terms of product quality, animal welfare, safety, use of space and social policy. These are important challenges that require thorough and reliable research and development.

Together with, and especially due to the fundamental and applied scientific research that ILVO carries out, an ever broader range of highly specialized services has been developed for the various agricultural and fisheries sectors. The activities within these services provide a win-win situation for all partners: our customers knows they are working within the most up-to-date knowledge environment. ILVO keeps in touch with the day-to-day complex problems that arise in the sector via the latest requests for services.

Companies, individuals and organizations that access ILVO's services know that they can expect a fixed and fair price offer, and that, when required and possible within legal limitations, strict confidentiality can be guaranteed.

In recent years, ILVO has taken significant steps to become even more professional as a service provider and is actively seeking new models and tools for services (contract forms, support mechanisms such as the SME portfolio, accreditation, reference work, etc.) to provide an appropriate answer to every question. The services and products page contains a comprehensive overview of all our services.