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Case studies livestock farming of the IoF2020 project: potential value creations from the data are starting to become clear

The internet of things is starting to show promising applications in agriculture. ILVO has joined forces with companies in the domain of livestock farming to monitor pigs and cattle in real time. 'Data-driven decision-making is on the agenda more than ever for making agriculture more sustainable,' s...

ILVO press release

Exploratory research on spray drones in precision agriculture

For the first time in Flanders a test flight has been carried out with a spray drone - a drone that can apply plant protection products to field crops. ILVO, “Noordzeedrones” and Inagro are working together on a training called 'drone flying in agriculture'. Noordzeedrones has bought the...

ILVO press release

New Interreg project Horti-BlueC launched: towards more sustainable and circular cultivation substrates for horticulture

Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Research (ILVO), together with 8 partners from neighboring countries, tackles an important problem in conventional (greenhouse) horticulture. In the Interreg project Horti-BlueC, they demonstrate how to upgrade local residual flows into...

ILVO press release

First test with Flemish seaweed features interesting tastes and textures

The Flemish “sugar kelp” (Saccharina latissima), a local species of seaweed, seems different from sugar kelp grown in other regions and seas. That is the observation from a culinary test made with the very first harvest of trial-grown seaweed plants from the research project Value@Sea. "...

ILVO press release

MoniCow takes an important step towards more efficient cattle monitoring

After three years of research, the partners of the imec.icon project MoniCow have a prototype ready that offers a solution for cattle monitoring. For first time, different indicators for fertility and health are integrated in a minimal number of sensors (ear tag + collar) which continually send rea...

ILVO press release

New rose genome provides insight into diversity and important flower and bloom characteristics

Another important step has been taken in the genetic research of the rose. Barely a month after a first team of researchers unraveled the genome of the rose and could link genes to odor and color variation, a second team of scientists managed to do the same for thorn density and important flower and...

ILVO press release

High-tech breeding opens door for development of compact ornamental shrubs

Compact shrubs for compact gardens: that was the goal of 4 years of research by ILVO-Ghent University researcher Hanne Denaeghel. She reached pioneering work with the application of advanced breeding techniques on woody plants.

ILVO press release

Veterinary advice has proven its economic added value for farms and animal-based measuring systems

The economic added value of an animal-based measuring system can be increased by taking the economic value into account during the technical development phase. Veterinary advice can also have a positive influence. This type of animal health model where farmers pay for coaching is still difficult in ...

VlIZ-ILVO press release

Two thousand recreational fishermen account for 1% of the total catch

Last year, around 2000 recreational fishermen landed 213 tons of fishery products from the Belgian part of the North Sea. This represents only 1% of the total commercial and recreational supply. Combined, the sector represents direct expenditures of 5 million euros.

Press release Ghent University

Bio-engineers from Ghent develop biological control of fruit flies

Researchers from Ghent University and ILVO have developed a biological method to combat fruit flies that live on fresh fruit. This new method is harmless for other organisms: a first!

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