ILVO Newsletter October 2013

Teaching old hens new tricks. Pork meat from boars - without the off-colour perfume. Maize silage with better nutrition. Fruitful networks for ornamentals. Thorny problems for sustainable fruit culture. ILVO researchers are currently studying all of these questions.

New Research Projects

laying hen100 weeks of good eggs from one laying hen. The role of nutrition and management and their effects on egg production and egg quality
Producing longer-laying hens is profitable as well as sustainable. But the quality of the eggs must be maintained throughout the longer laying cycle. ILVO researchers examine ways to make this possible.

pigletsTasty pork from uncastrated boars…? Farm-specific reduction of boar taint 
In 2018, male piglets will no longer undergo surgical castration. In anticipation of this change, ILVO is researching practical, effective and farm-specific strategies to reduce boar taint.

MaizeHow stable is the starch in maize silage? ILVO develops a model to estimate the starch and protein quality of maize in function of the ensiling period 
ILVO, in collaboration with the University College Ghent, is developing a model to estimate the starch and protein quality of maize silage and CCM in function of the ensiling period.

Recent Results

networksNetworks as a catalyst for innovation in the ornamental plant sector 
In a research in collaboration with Ghent University, the role of networks for the development and application of innovations is studied for seven sectors. The present article focuses on a case study of ornamental plant cultivation.

pearsSustainable fruit farms. Determining factors – indicators – hot issues 
“Sustainable production”. What does this umbrella concept actually mean for Flemish fruit farms? This project sought an answer and selected indicators for assessment.