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Press release - Thursday, January 8, 2015

Launch of a spraytech web tool for better choices in spray technique and less diffuse pollution when using pesticides:

On January 8 2015, was launched as a new interactive web tool to immediately make the right decisions about spray nozzles, pressure, buffer zones, product, etc. – all in function of the crop and the problem (pests or disease). For farmers/horticulturists and professional users of pesticides, the tool provides practical help to spray more efficiently, with less overrun, and less environmental pressure. The tool is based on a series of large background databases full of information such as the characteristics of each existing commercial spray nozzle and every pesticide approved for use.

With this new web tool, Flanders is giving the signal that crop protection products are still necessary for profitable agriculture, but that they must be applied with the utmost care. By bringing together all of the available technical and legal information in one place and tailoring it to each specific situation, the optimal use of pesticides can be stimulated. was developed by ILVO as part of a demonstration project by the Government of Flanders (Department of Sustainable Agricultural Development). That project, done in partnership with Inagro, PCA and Pibo, focuses on ways to limit diffuse pollution by crop protection products in arable farming.

The web tool at is practical to use and delivers fast and efficient solutions for all concrete types of questions and cases.

  • I want to apply product X near a waterway using the available standard spray nozzles. What is the buffer zone I have to respect?
  • Which techniques are available to reduce the buffer zone to 3 metres or 1 metre?
  • How fast do I have to drive, and which pressure level do I need to use to spray 200 L/ha with a certain nozzle?
  • I have an infestation and I want to keep a maximum of 1 metre buffer zone along my waterway. Which products can I use with my currently-available technique?

Three ways to use the web tool: spray technique, product, buffer zone

The web application is interactive and user-friendly. It helps farmers to make the right choices in terms of:

  • Spray technology to be used (type of sprayer, nozzle size and type, pressure, speed of driving)
  • Product to be used
  • Buffer zone required along a waterway

The three factors – three circles in the web tool, fuelled by databases – are all coupled to each other.

Until now, farmers and crop protection professionals had to consult several sources had to be consulted and combine the available information themselves before they could make the right choices for specific circumstances.

This tool is now operational for all open-field applications, that is arable farming and vegetable cultivations.
Figure 1: Screen shot of the ILVO spray technique web tool


Team ILVO: David Nuyttens, Donald Dekeyser, Johan Declercq, Koen Mertens, 09 272 27 82