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Press release - Friday, January 30, 2015

VALDUVIS – Sustainability barometer for Belgian fisheries

How sustainable is the fish caught in the Belgian commercial fisheries? Have their efforts to make their fishery more sustainable actually produced results? To answer these questions, ILVO has developed an instrument to measure the sustainability of the fisheries industry: VALDUVIS. The method was developed in close collaboration with the sector and visualizes the ecological, social and economic sustainability of the Belgian fisheries in the form of a visually-oriented sustainability monitoring tool. VALDUVIS is innovative because it is objective, nuanced, detailed, transparent and most importantly, non-commercial.

For this reason sustainability determinations can be done at different points in the trajectory from catch to market, and can clearly and objectively show improvements for increased sustainability. The system will give the Belgian fleet a guide as well as stimulate them to innovate further towards sustainability, and will eventually ensure that their efforts are recognised as well as provide an economic payoff. Both policymakers and the fisheries sector are eagerly awaiting the use of this tool in practice.

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