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News - Friday, December 12, 2014

Determining animal welfare on the farm: a unique training at ILVO

This continuing educational training on how to use the Welfare Quality® protocol will take place in Belgium during February and March 2015. It is given by ILVO (the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research) and Odisee (formerly KAHO Sint-Lieven).

The training represents a unique opportunity to learn how to determine animal welfare on the farm. This training, given in English, is open to anyone wishing to learn how to score animal welfare in a scientifically-support fashion. The training can be taken in modules (chickens, pigs and dairy cows) or as a whole. Participants will learn how to apply the Welfare Quality® protocol as applied to different animals. Every module offers scientific as well as practical insights. The lessons are organised by ILVO staff and will take place at the ILVO campus near Ghent (Scheldeweg 68, 9090 Melle).

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