Zootechnical Beef Cattle Research

Animal trials consistent with ethics code


Today’s research on beef cattle focuses on Belgian Blue double-muscled cows and heifers. Past research included the requirements of beef bulls for energy, protein content and structure. Energy and protein requirements have been deduced, among others, from the body composition of bulls with diverging body weights. Body composition has also been determined for double-muscled cows. The study of the feed intake and body tissue deposition of cows and bulls has allowed us to fine-tune the excretions of nitrogen and phosphorus.

The Belgian Blue double-muscled cattle herd includes about 70 cows and an equal number of heifers.


  • Feeding experiments with calves up to approximately 6 months of age
  • Research on milk regimes, feed ingredients, diets, etc.
  • Feed experiments with cows and beef bulls
  • Research on nutrient content, feed ingredients, diet composition, etc
  • Feed experiments with young cattle aged between 0.5 and 2 years
  • Research on feed supplementation on the pasture, diet composition during winter, etc
  • Digestibility trials with calves, cows and bulls
  • Determination of in vivo digestibility of feeds and diets
  • Formulation of animal feeds
  • Composition of concentrates for beef cattle that meet their nutrient requirements
  • Determination of the body composition of animals (post mortem)


Sam De Campeneere