Scientific Diving


ILVO has an experienced and dynamic team of divers trained in techniques for scientific diving activities. This team receives regular advanced training according to the regulations of the Belgian Working Group on Scientific Diving (BWGSD).


The scientific diving team can be called upon to perform scientific diving activies for specific projects. For example, this team can sample substrates that are difficult to reach using other techniques, to map objects on the sea floor, perform underwater photography and filming, and placing and retrieving test material for corrosion and fouling. The team can work in lakes, tidal waters and in the North Sea. They perform all the necessary organisation, planning and reporting.

Scientific divers at the wreck of the Belgica, Norway

Scientific divers at the wreck of the Belgica, Norway


Stefan Hoffman


  • Fouling trials on the Belgian continental shelf, upon assignment by Bekaert NV
  • Fact-finding Mission: Raising the “Belgica”, upon assignment by the Belgica Society