NRL for GMOs


The partner laboratories of the NRL for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been working together for more than 10 years. We also collaborate on research projects around the broad theme of control of GMOs in the food and feed chain. Currently a research project is running that focuses on detection of unauthorised GMOs in the food chain.


  • Analysis of routine samples with methods that are already accredited or in the process of accreditation. Determination of the presence of GMOs or derived products in the food chain. This implicates the identification and quantification of EU-authorised and non-authorised (as much as possible) GMOs and, for the EU-authorised events, their relative content.
  • Management of the laboratory in accordance with the standards of the BELAC accreditation, development of procedures and validation files as well as other ad hoc documents.
  • Evaluation of new analytical methods, e. g. by participating in inter-laboratory tests. Develop, improve and validate methods (and reference materials) for analyses belonging to the scope of the NRL.
  • Participation in international interlaboratory tests for demonstrating the technical competence of the NRL.
  • Organisation of proficiency tests at national level; i.e. for the laboratories of the FASFC, the by the FASFC approved laboratories and laboratories which qualify for recognition
  • Technical and scientific advice to the FASFC
  • Technical and scientific advice to the by the FASFC-approved laboratories and answers to technical and scientific questions raised by the "stakeholders" of the NRL via the FASFC.
  • Development and organisation of scientific and technical training for the FASFC-laboratories and by the FASFC-approved laboratories.
  • Organisation of the Steering Committee and communication group meetings for and with the FASFC, the by the FASFC approved laboratories and laboratories which qualify for recognition.
  • Playing an active role in crises and incidents by technical and scientific advice to the FASF

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Isabel Taverniers