Inspection of Sprayers in Flanders


ILVO’s Spray Tech Group has a team with established research experience in the optimisation of pesticide application technologies derived from different research projects as well as from the accredited Spray Tech Lab (197 – T – ISO 17 025). This group specialises in the characterisation and evaluation of spray nozzles and pesticide application techniques.


In Belgium, all sprayers used for the application of plant protection products must be inspected. ILVO is responsible for the mandatory inspection of sprayers in Flanders (BELAC accreditation certificate 197 – INSP – ISO 17020). Every three years, about 11 900 field sprayers, 1600 orchard sprayers and 700 greenhouse sprayers are tested by three mobile inspection teams. During these tests, all parts influencing the distribution of the crop protection products are checked, e.g. the pressure gauge, nozzles, pressure distribution, spray boom stability, etc. Sprayer inspection is a good way to improve the safety and efficiency of pesticide use.


Johan Declercq, David Nuyttens