Monitoring of Photosynthesis and Plant Growth


The growth of the plant is an integration of photosynthesis over the past days/weeks. If a fast assessment of growth related to growth practices is needed, this can be done by measuring photosynthesis. For example, measuring photosynthesis in glasshouses allows us to demonstrate the importance of assimilation of light during the forcing phase of evergreen azalea. Based on plant photosynthesis that is measured in a computer controlled growth chamber the effect of day length, light level, daily light integral and day and night temperature were related to the duration of the forcing time.


Leaf photosynthesis measurements can be done in ILVO’s own state-of-the-art glasshouses or at the grower. This enables us to monitor the immediate reaction of the plant in relation to its environment.

Whole plant photosynthesis of several plants can be measured using a computer controlled growth chamber. A recorded climate of a past event can be simulated in the growth chamber and the effect on plant photosynthesis can be measured.

Besides the in situ monitoring of photosynthesis, the photosynthesis response of plants or leaves in relation to light, temperature and CO2 can be measured. Based on these measurement, advice can be given related to assimilation light, screen and temperature settings, and CO2 fertilisation. The effect of stresses with negative effects on photosynthesis can be measured through the simultaneous use of gas exchange measurements and chlorophyll fluorescence.


Peter Lootens


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