Field Trials


For more than 80 years, ILVO (under different names) has been active in breeding. New varieties - mainly grasses and green fodder crops - but also ornamental crops (azalea and nursery stock) are created by means of various breeding techniques and tested for their qualities.

New cultivars are compared with those already on the market. These tests are carried out on 6 to 10 places in Flanders on different soil types. Several parameters are studied, measured, weighed, sampled, and optionally further analysed in the laboratory, after which the best cultivars can be included in a variety catalog.


ILVO has a trial network with homogeneous lots, a strong infrastructure, modern glasshouses, and experimental field trial machinery. Given the many years of experience and expertise in trial operations, ILVO can offer advice on experimental design, can perform field or greenhouse tests and post-trial statistical processing can also be done.


Kristiaan Van Laecke