Themed websites

Information about specific themes can be found here:

Food Pilot: (food processing)
Diagnostic Centre for Plants (DCP): (in dutch) (plant diseases and pests)
Varkensloket: (in dutch) (pig farming)
Agrolink Flanders:


Genetically modified potatoes: (in dutch)
Soy cultivation in Flanders: (in dutch)
Agroforestry in Flanders: (in dutch)


Microplastics in the North Sea:
Sustainable fish: (in dutch)


Use of by-products as system innovation: (in dutch)
Ruminants and emissions:


Platform for population genomics:


about ...: (in dutch)
Spraying techniques:
Innovation Clusters Accelerating REmote Sensing:
Icares Interreg

Food Sciences

European research into sustainable food:
European research about healthy diet:


Dairy hygiene and technology: (in dutch)
Constructional problems in agriculture: (in dutch)
Emissions related to agriculture: (in dutch)
Decision support models:
Safety on the job: (in dutch)
Research on organic farming:
Energy issues in agriculture: (in dutch)
Agricultural ICT-related tools in Europe: