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Enerpedia project extended

Attention, farmers and growers! The decade of energy advice for the agri- and horticulture sector ENERPEDIA will stay active in 2018 and beyond.


Jarinda Viaene wins the Phytofar prize of 2017

Brussels, 28 November 2017 – Belgian researchers win the Phytofar Instituut Prizes for Sustainable Agriculture with an innovation platform for computer models in horticulture, a web application for crop protection and optimal valorization of waste streams for composting.

ILVO Press Release

Automatic detection system for lameness in cows: study of potential added value, technical performance and profitability

On 29 November 2017 Tim Van De Gucht defended his doctoral study on “ User centric design of automatic lameness detection in dairy cattle”. Promotors were Prof. Dr. ir. Wouter Saeys van de KU Leuven en Prof. Dr. ir. Ludwig Lauwers of Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheri...

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2018, Year of Data in Agriculture

Joke Schauvliege, Flemish Minister of Environment, Nature and Farming, has placed the emphasis on data in farming in 2018.

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Broilers use their free-range area better when willows are planted

This results in more tender meat and an additional source of income from wood production.

ILVO - KU Leuven - Pluimveehouderij Press Release

From 360 to 500 eggs per hen?

Layers can keep laying eggs much longer with the right feed, management and choice of genetics. Split feeding, where older hens get the right combination of fine and coarse limestone at certain times of day, can combat a decline in eggshell quality. “The egg production per hen can be increased...

ILVO press release

ILVO presents promising first results on growing soy in Flanders (Belgium)

ILVO has new results from crop husbandry and agro-economic research on soy in Flanders. The results will be presented at a (filmed) symposium to close the IWT-LA research project on 23 November 2017 at ILVO in Melle, Belgium. This project has encouraged innovative farmers to sow and harvest 30 ha co...

ILVO press release

Flemish agroforestry expertise now linked with European Agroforestry Innovation Networks (AFINET)

ILVO and Inagro now participate in the European Thematic Network called AFINET, bringing their expertise on agroforestry to a knowledge cluster of 13 partners from 9 countries or regions (Spain, the UK, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Italy, France and Finland). AFINET is funded by the H2020 pro...

ILVO press release

ILVO antibiotic detection lab receives prestigious AFNOR recognition for validation of test kits

The ILVO lab for screening of antibiotic residues will now perform validation tests for antibiotic kits under the norms of the prestigious AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation). Wim Reybroek, head of the ILVO lab, says “This is an international recognition of the quality of our...

ILVO press release

New research project on bitter compounds in Belgian Endive roots and chicory

Searching for new applications in the food, medical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Bitter compounds or “sesquiterpen lactones” are bio-active compounds that can be used in several sectors for many different applications, according to previous ILVO research. The next step is t...

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