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Colistine added to dairy self-monitoring program

The voluntary monitoring program MONIMILK, where the Dairy Fund and the entire Belgian dairy industry tests its own milk and dairy products via random controls, has added another antibiotic component to the self-testing list. This latest addition is colistine or polymyxine E. The Institute for Agric...


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Research project on organic agriculture (SOILVEG) focuses on agro-ecological service crops (ASCs) and the best way to destroy them mechanically.

No fewer than 14 scientific institutions in 9 European countries are going to collaborate on agro-ecological service crops (ASCs), in the innovative European research project called SOILVEG. The final goal is to maintain and improve European agricultural soils and the general use of natural resource...

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Window-shopping for research: eleven stands during one evening at ILVO’s dairy research barn

Using a new “milk café” formula, ILVO has found an innovative way to bring dairy research results to the farmers, in a faster, more efficient and goal-oriented way. On June 3rd, 2015, after the evening milking, the active dairymen are personally invited after 7 p.m. to visit the ...


Organic Food and Farming in Flanders

Publishing an overview of research for organic food and farming in Flanders is becoming a tradition. We now present our third edition, with a growing number of contributions. People have been working hard on research and knowledge exchange for the development of the organic sector in the past years!


Indonesia visits ILVO

Three deacons from the University of Gadjah Mada, 1 ministerial representative and the Indonesian Embassy visited ILVO on 6 May 2015. The delegation spoke with ILVO researchers from the Food Pilot and researchers from ILVO-Fisheries, Plant Sciences and dairy. The coordinator of Agrolink-Flanders als...

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Long-sought biomarker for chronic stress in fish discovered by ILVO/UGent. Scales tell a story on the stress history of fish.

Johan Aerts (ILVO/Ghent University), under supervision of Prof. Dr. Sarah De Saeger (Ghent University), has discovered the long-sought biomarker for chronic stress in fish. Fish faced with stressful stimuli launch an endocrine stress response through activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-interren...

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Cattle kept outside: heat influences comfort and milk production

Dairy cows and meat cattle, and even robust cattle kept in nature preserves need protection from the sun when the thermometer rises, concluded Eva Van laer in her doctoral thesis. Dairy cows and meat cattle exposed to heat experience physical discomfort as expressed by obvious panting and drooling. ...

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Cod population in the North Sea is recovering

The cod population in the North Sea has more than tripled in the last 8 years. In 2006, the absolute lowest point, the cod biomass was estimated at 21,000 tonnes. The most recent calculations from 2014 estimate it at 68,000 tonnes. This was confirmed by ILVO fish stock specialist Kelle Moreau.


New pig campus opened in Melle

On Tuesday 21 April 2015, Ghent University, University College Ghent and ILVO opened a new, collaborative education and research pig stable. The so-called “pig campus” is located on the Heidestraat in Melle at ILVO’s experimental farm.

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