Fisheries symposium: ILVO, an ocean of opportunity, 11 February 2011 in Oostende


9u00-9u30 Registration with coffee/tea
9u30-9u35 Welcome
Bart Sonck (Head of the Animal Sciences Unit ILVO)
9u35-10u10 The CFP Reform and European funding? State of play (PDF - 3Mb)
Invited speaker
Jan Hostens (Program Manager-EU Policies, DG Mare, European Commission)
10u10-10u20 Bridging the gap: fleets, fisheries, scientists, fishermen and the ecosystem approach
Els Torreele
10u20-10u40 Developing management for turbot (Psetta maxima) and brill (Scophthalmus rhombus)
Kelle Moreau
10u40-11u00 Self-sampling: a step in the right direction?
Sofie Vandemaele
11u00-11u20 Coffee break
11u20-11u30 Chemical Monitoring and Product Technology: A multi-disciplinary approach for an integrated view
Johan Robbens
11u30-11u50 Integrated monitoring of the Belgian Part of the North Sea
Lisa Devriese
11u50-12u10 Towards an integrated pollution monitoring strategy in shrimp: bridging the gap between the chemical and biological approach through gene expression profiling
Yves verhaegen
12u10-12u20 Sustainable mariculture through innovation
Daan Delbare
12u20-12u40 Shellfish farming reinvented
Kris Van Nieuwenhove
12u40-14u00 Lunch
14u00-14u10 Fishing Gear Technology, an indispensable tool for sustainable fisheries
Hans Polet
14u10-14u30 The application of electric pulse fields in fisheries as a means to reduce discarding and seafloor disturbance
Kris Van Craeynest
14u30-14u50 Sensitivity assessment of fishing: a valuable tool to spatial and temporal management
Jochen Depestele
14u50-15u10 Coffee break
15u10-15u20 Bio-environmental research, the pathway to be followed
Kris Hostens
15u20-15u40 The use of benthic indicators to assess anthropogenic impacts
Gert Van Hoey
15u40-16u00 Zooplankton and the link with (semi-)pelagic fish in the Belgian part of the North Sea
Karl Van Ginderdeuren
16u00-16u35 A view on Fisheries Research: from single species to ecosystem perspective (PDF - 1,8Mb)
Invited speaker
Prof. Dr. Adriaan Rijnsdorp (IMARES)
16u35-16u45 Final Words
Kris Cooreman (Scientific director of ILVO-Fisheries)
17u00-19u00 Reception

MODERATOR: Greet Riebbels (Head Communication, ILVO)

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